Raquel. Recently discovered that Zayn is a weenie. Look at bb Zayn. Love bb Zayn.



niazkilam Blah

Stadio Olimpico Torino, 06/07.


"I seriously don’t wanna do it because I hate dancing"



Zayn dancing (or trying to dance), the mastepost.

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So I not a fan of one direction, but my little sister is. She recently went to a concert and had a sound check ticket which came with a meet and greet. So she hugged them and said hi to all of them, and then asked if they could all sit on the ground and take a picture with them doing the pose above. Without a moment of hesitation they happily obliged. Now like I said I don’t like their music, but I like when people are nice to my little sister.


zayn, manchester, 31.05.2014